Case Studies

good jobs case study dosa

Dosa Restaurant

At DOSA—an Indian eatery with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area—stable scheduling is seen as a key mechanism for employee retention. DOSA’s HR director Julie Howe shares that the top reason for employee turnover is scheduling conflicts, especially because many hourly employees have more than one job. Prioritizing scheduling as a retention tool,…

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good jobs case study integrated packaging

Integrated Packaging and Marlin Steel

See how Integrated Packaging lowered turnover and increased productivity by incentivizing employees to develop new skills through a combination of government grants, gain-sharing, and skills-based raises. Similarly, read about how Marlin Steel embraced skill-based raises and fostered a culture of entrepreneurial workers using a detailed skills matrix

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good jobs case study pals

Pal’s Sudden Service

Read about how innovative fast food restaurant Pal’s Sudden Service developed training and learning reinforcement techniques that cut frontline employee turnover down to a third of the industry average.

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Red Hat

Read about how tech company Red Hat earned recognition as one of Forbes’ “200 Best Small Companies” in America in part by developing an engaging onboarding process that drives home its company culture

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good jobs case study zappos


See how online retailer Zappos was able to grow their staff, improve performance, and drive profits by establishing a company culture rooted in customer service and screening for culture fit during interviews.

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good jobs case study rhino foods

Rhino Foods

Rhino Foods, a Vermont-based ice cream manufacturer, launched an Income Advance Program in collaboration with a local credit union. The program helps employees manage financial emergencies by getting them the money they need immediately and enabling them to pay off their loans in small, weekly payroll deductions—all while building credit. Within three years of rolling…

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good jobs case study marlin steel

Marlin Steel

See how custom metal forms manufacturer Marlin Steel developed and expanded a bonus program that improved productivity throughout its firm of 35 employees, nearly tripling profits as a result.

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good jobs case study king arthur

King Arthur Flour

Read how one small business owner successfully exited his business by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), granting ownership to his staff and ensuring the company culture and mission remained intact after his departure.

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good jobs case study zazie

Zazie Restaurant

When Jennifer Piallat took ownership of San Francisco- based restaurant Zazie in 2005, she did something pretty atypical in the restaurant business—she initiated a 401(k) plan with employer-matched contributions. Click here to learn more about how Zazie offers retirement benefits (in addition to a living wage and health benefits) to their 32 employees.

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good jobs case study coop

Central Co-op Grocery Store

When Seattle-based Central Co-Op Grocery Store increased entry level pay significantly, they set clear performance expectations and accountability measures. As HR director Tyler Burch expressed, “It’s a learning experience to figure out other ways to solve problems and develop people. We had to shift the paradigm to increase skills, knowledge, and abilities instead of increasing…

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