Batter Bakery

Jen is an amazing business owner who’s grown her company slowly and methodically. With her PCV loan and pro bono advisor, she’s been building sales and adding jobs. Everyone wins when a small business owner can create jobs that are good for her workers and for her bottom line. But where do you even start?…

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As Kneaded Bakery

Iliana has seen a revenue growth of 150% at As Kneaded Bakery since she started working with PCV’s small business loan and advising programs, and has reinvested in the business and her staff. As Kneaded Bakery is a bakery in San Leandro, California, established in 2016 by Iliana Berkowitz. Inspired by the sourdough bread culture…

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good jobs case study tasty catering

Tasty Catering

Learn through this video or this write-up how Tasty Catering uses core values to drive decision making.

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good jobs case study zingermans


Zingerman’s began as a deli over 35 years ago and gradually grew into a number of related small businesses. Zingerman’s success relies on a combination of their guiding principles, strong culture of communication, and customer service focus. Zingerman’s feels it’s critical that employees are empowered to do what it takes to serve their customers—whether it’s…

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good jobs case study dosa

Dosa Restaurant

At DOSA—an Indian eatery with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area—stable scheduling is seen as a key mechanism for employee retention. DOSA’s HR director Julie Howe shares that the top reason for employee turnover is scheduling conflicts, especially because many hourly employees have more than one job. Prioritizing scheduling as a retention tool,…

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good jobs case study pals

Pal’s Sudden Service

Read about how innovative fast food restaurant Pal’s Sudden Service developed training and learning reinforcement techniques that cut frontline employee turnover down to a third of the industry average.

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good jobs case study zazie

Zazie Restaurant

When Jennifer Piallat took ownership of San Francisco- based restaurant Zazie in 2005, she did something pretty atypical in the restaurant business—she initiated a 401(k) plan with employer-matched contributions. Click here to learn more about how Zazie offers retirement benefits (in addition to a living wage and health benefits) to their 32 employees.

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