About Pacific Community Ventures

Our Commitment to Improve Job Quality

Too many people struggle to make ends meet because they haven’t been given a fair chance. Despite record-low unemployment, almost half of American workers are stuck in low-wage jobs; the number of new small businesses is at rock bottom; and race or where you’re born are the biggest factors for financial success in life. At Pacific Community Ventures, we know things can be different.

Pacific Community Ventures is a nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) that envisions a world of thriving communities where everyone has a fair shake. Our mission is to invest in small businesses, create good jobs for working people, and make markets work for social good. Pacific Community Ventures helps small business owners grow and create good local jobs through a “Good Jobs, Good Business” model that combines affordable loans with pro-bono mentoring, tools and incentives to create good jobs, our national BusinessAdvising.org mentoring platform, and social impact evaluation and field building research.

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