Health Benefits: Additional Help

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Which technology platforms could be helpful? 

Thanks to recent innovations, health insurance has become an e-commerce industry. In addition to searching for and selecting plans online, small business owners can find software and web-based services to aid in health benefits administration. Companies like Gusto, Justworks, and Namely, to name a few popular options, aim to make administration and legal compliance easier for small business owners, for a fee.1 These services are referenced as examples only. PCV does not endorse any specific product or company, and advises small business owners to research and compare services to find the best option for their needs. These types of services are especially useful for implementing Defined Contribution Health Plans. Online databases like, G2Crowd, and can help you find and compare benefits administration software. Read more about how digital HR services can save small businesses like yours money, time, and stress. 

Meet with an expert or get advice from a peer

In addition to insurance brokers, it can be helpful to seek out an expert on benefits and small businesses for more guidance. Various public and nonprofit services can connect you to advisors with personal experience running a small business, including SBA Small Business Development Centers. You can also check out Pacific Community Ventures’ free platform. It connects small businesses around the country with experienced, pro bono business advisors who offer advice on a range of issues, including HR, marketing, IT, operations, and other small business concerns. To find other services in your area, visit the SBA’s Local Assistance page.