Scheduling + Paid Leave

good jobs case study bora

Bora Architects

Read about how a Portland-based architecture firm successfully created a paid family leave program after finding that replacing an employee would be twice as expensive as offering paid time off. In this article, the firm’s owners share their methods for gathering data, weighing alternatives, and estimating expenses for a paid leave program.

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good jobs case study gap


National retailer Gap conducted a 35-week scheduling experiment that yielded about $2.9M in increased revenues for Gap across 19 pilot store locations. Key aspects of the experiment included: Elimination of on-call shifts. Creation of 14-Day Advance Schedules: managers finalized work schedules at least two weeks in advance, and associates had to request planned time off…

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good jobs case study dosa

Dosa Restaurant

At DOSA—an Indian eatery with multiple locations in the San Francisco Bay Area—stable scheduling is seen as a key mechanism for employee retention. DOSA’s HR director Julie Howe shares that the top reason for employee turnover is scheduling conflicts, especially because many hourly employees have more than one job. Prioritizing scheduling as a retention tool,…

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